Rosi's Dorfwirtschaft
Rosi's Village Tavern

Typical Swabian hospitality in modern ambience, that is „Rosi’s Dorfwirtschaft“, a modern tavern in the heart of the village Rottenacker. Located in the village-center and directly by the town house square the tavern of Rosi & Manfred Kraus is famous for its excellent local and international dishes as well as homemade cakes.


Imbedded in the heart of Oberschwaben and near the Swabian Alb you find one of the most beautyful landscapes in the region of the the begin of the famous Donau  river called the „Young Donau“. Here guests from nationwide and all parts of the world find clear fresh air and noiseless nights as to enjoy only in countryside hotels and guesthouses. In summertime the cozy beergarden might bet he very best place to relax and slow down from business stress by having a cool local beer and excellent Swabian dishes